Skillslive engages with the learner, delivers a positive learning experience,
promotes your brand, presenting analytics and insights to provide a 360‌° view
within an organisation’s learning ecosystem.

Features Overview

Skillslive is a culmination of some of IT’s latest technology in a cloud-based learning solution. This tech not only powers the Skillslive engine, but also brings you all the features you would expect from a modern LMS and more. From the deployment of e-Learning to the ability to manage and run face-to-face classes, through to the incorporation of multimedia learning experiences and beyond, Skillslive brings you more.


eLearning supports both flipped classroom and conventional teach-and-test classroom models. With a variety of content and question types, learning experiences are not only always available, but also richer, more memorable and thereby more readily retained.


Imagine applying massive scale to your organisation’s education, training or assessment operations. Reach a substantially broader (or theoretically limitless) audience anywhere, anytime.

Platform Management

Manage all users, content, resources, news feeds, dates, bookings and more from one easy-to-use location. Skillslive ‘s Admin panel allows you to do all this with ease and greater autonomy than a traditional LMS.


Responsive HTML 5 design supports the modern BYOD classroom. Cater for any device, allowing your educators and learners all the functionality of this powerful platform. Even eLearning courses adapt scale beautifully to the user’s internet-connected laptop, mobile, desktop or tablet.

Learner Dashboard

Upon log-in the Learner is immediately presented with at-a-glance overview of her/his learning journey. Logical, attractive and easily understandable, this dashboard view is accessible any time from the “My Dashboard” menu item, and encourages course uptake and completion.


Automated in-app notifications mean no Learner need ever miss a class. Notifications also keep users at all levels abreast of messages and can be used by management to disseminate information and announcements.


Attractive eCertificates are accessible by the Learner at any time, showing completion of units of study or eLearning modules, name, date and passing grade.

Peer-to-Peer Mentoring

No Educator can be everywhere at once. Leverage the skills and knowledge of your user base by enabling knowledge sharing and trading experiences through Skillslive’s Peer-to-Peer Mentoring feature.

Course Builder

The Course Builder tool allows Pro account holders to create their own eLearning experiences for distribution to all, or a select group of Learners. This authoring tool is supported by a range of content and question types. Exportable in SCORM and xAPI formats.

My Academy

Pro account holders manage classes, dates, bookings, attendees, pricing, discounts and much more through Skillslive’s ‘My Academy’ feature. My Academy provides enormous flexibility, yet is simple to use for any program administrator.

Clients & Client Groups

Created specifically for the B2B market, Skillslive’s client manager enables management of your Organisation’s clients, course pricing and discounts, and includes a group manager for multi-site, franchise or chain businesses.

Data & Analytics

The statement, ‘Information is power’ is virtually a mantra in business. Skillslive’s Data & Analytics features empower management to observe and monitor quality and performance metrics from a global level, down to the individual. Read and follow usage analysis by observation and interaction, redundancy analysis, supporting resources suggestions.

Our Course Builder is a powerful teaching, learning and assessment tool, allowing for the application not only of image, text, video and slide content, but also a variety of question types. Your eLearning and assessments go outside the box with drag-and-drop, hot spot image, dropdown, multi-select questions and much more. Time to get excited about instructional design again!

Automated Admin

Mundane and repetitive tasks evaporate with automated administrative procedures for Pro and Enterprise accounts. Bulk upload users, export CSV result reports and more. All at the fingertips of the Administrator.

Unique User

Enterprise accounts allow for special user profiles, with functionality and access level designed precisely around your organisational requirements. For example, accounts may be configured for a Director of Studies, a Procurement Manager or restricted-access Learner.

API Integrations

With our team’s extensive experience in the field of API integrations, we can help your organisation tighten up business processes and remove double-entry procedures. Integrate with SAP, Xero, MYOB, AVETMISS software and so many more.


Imagine turning your most important training objective into a game. Enhanced learning experiences mean greater retention, and gaming is one of the most effective and memorable ways to turn mere content into an experience!

Payment Gateway

More and more organisations are realising the benefits of commercialising their education. The addition of a payment gateway streamlines this process of monetising face-to-face classes or eLearning modules. The revenue stream can begin as soon as it is switched on!


Ensure fairness and equity are observed for all users by allowing visually impaired users the assistance of ReadSpeaker. This Skillslive integration is one of the most advanced text to speech tools on the market, with astonishingly natural speech.

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