Why Australia needs to get serious about Digital Records and Learning Management

Author: Evan Chapman, SkillsLive General Manager

When I first began working in a Registered Training Organisation in Victoria, I was amazed: And not in a good way.  Paperwork had the administration offices packed and struggling for space.  Staff spent hours labelling forms and moving them between various colours of manila folder.  Filing cabinets and document storage boxes were stacked in teetering piles right up to the ceiling.

If compliance is a word that causes eyes to roll at your organisation, digital solutions are precisely what you ought to be exploring. And you should probably have started yesterday. It’s never too late to make improvements to your business processes, and we’re here to help!  SkillsLive’s commitment is to help bring Australian business out of this quagmire and into the future.  If you prefer to be on the leading edge of this trend, let’s start the conversation.